Furniture Packing Service

Furniture Packing

Furniture packing is an indispensable part of any move! Safe transportation of interior items and fittings cannot do without packing material. Quality packaging reliably protects surfaces from deformation, bumps, chips, scratches, and scuffs. Think responsibly about marking, packing, and storing furniture if you are planning a home or office move!

What Materials Are Used For Packing?

  • Corrugated cardboard. It is used as a protective layer, which is placed between the shelves, doors, or the backs of cabinets, shelves, chests of drawers, and more.
  • Air bubble wrap. Multilayer material is used to wrap fragile items that can easily be broken or scratched - mirrors, fittings, glass elements.
  • Stretch wrap. Securely fastens multiple boxes, including on pallets. With the help of packing furniture for the move, individual pieces of furniture are protected from scratches.
  • Cardboard corners. Needed to protect the corners of doors, table, or cabinet from damage.
  • Polyethylene. Ideal for polished furniture, upholstered sofas, armchairs, and poufs.
  • Cardboard boxes. Suitable for packing small size items (for example, shelves, supports, legs, cushions of sofas, and armchairs).

What Are The Rules For Packing Furniture?

Massive constructions are better to disassemble completely, fasten the walls to each other. Fittings should be put in a separate package, which should be signed and taped to the furniture. This will help facilitate assembly.

It is necessary to label furniture packaging and parts. Pay special attention to breakable items made of glass, and note on the package that it is fragile cargo.

Packing upholstered furniture and sets is a time-consuming process. The result depends on the quality of work, so if you do not want to buy a new property, ask the professionals to disassemble, assemble and pack furniture!

What Kind Of Furniture Needs To Be Packed?

  • Closets, sets, walls. Disassembly of furniture will help facilitate loading work and save space in the vehicle. Take off doors and shelves, units and sections, and secure sliding elements with tape.
  • Antique furniture. It should not be disassembled. Decorative decorations and movable parts should be removed and secured, packing surfaces. In the truck, the structure is secured with straps.
  • Upholstered furniture. For sofas and beds, a partial disassembly is performed. In most cases poufs and armchairs are not disassembled, they are transferred as a whole and fixed in the truck with special cables. Polyethylene film is used for packing and storing furniture,
  • Coffee tables, tables, and chairs. Loaded into the car assembled, but need to protect the surfaces with polyethylene beforehand.
  • Kitchen. Moving and packing kitchen sets is difficult, especially if there are built-in appliances, built-in lights, glass doors. These are fragile items that need to be treated with care!

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